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We place a strong emphasis on the processes and how consumers will benefit from our products and services. Therefore, we have put in place several ways that you can access your policy details hassle-free and get in touch with us should you require our assistance. Beyond just the standard benefits of insurance plan, Grand Guardian comes with value-added services to give you complete peace of mind. Not only do we deliver a promise of safety and security, we also ensure a hassle-free claim process and prompt payouts.

At the heart of our business, we want to make sure that we are there when you need us the most. Our knowledgeable advisors are always committed to advise you and take you through every step of your insurance plan.

We are supported by our large professional network of experienced agents, our financial stability, and our capabilities to help service any of your insurance needs. The range of products we have provides protection to both

Policy Application Process

Decide to apply for a policy

Contract Grand Guardian office or any Grand Guardian Agent

Grand Guardian Verifies information

An agent will arrange to meet up with you. He/She will introduce Grand Guardian, his/her role and types of insurance policies we provide

An agent will recommend a policy and other alternatives your alternatives to your objectively. The agent will explain to you the basis of his recommendation, the fees and the benefit of the policy. he/She is also responsible for addressing all your questions and concerns regarding the policy at this point.

Before recommending a policy to you, the agent will first understand your needs and your finicial status.

You are expected to evaluate the recommendation and alternatives given and select the appropriate policy for yourself before purchase

Upon the verbal, the agent will agent for all necessary checkups or assessments for you

Sign policy contract and commence policy