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Health insurance will reduce the medical expense to a certain degree.                                                             

Insurable persons

- Myanmar citizens
- Foreigners visiting or residing in Myanmar for various reasons

Aged limit for the insured

- From a six-year old to a 65-year old
- Persons between ages from six to 18 years can be insured only by their parents.

Insurance period

- One year beginning from the date of premium payment




- Payment for one year term
- Insured can buy from one unit to maximum five units
- A premium of K 50,000 for one unit
- K 250,000 for five units
- Premium payment must be in lump sum.


The following benefits can be enjoyed in connection with hospital cost-
For one unit
-K 15,000 for hospital cost per day up to 30 days (only those who are admitted to hospital for four days and over are entitled to the benefits)
-K 1 million for accidental death only
The amount of benefits depends on the numbers of unit the insured buys

Hospitals and clinics

All the hospitals run by the ministry of Health and all the private hospitals operating under the official license are inclusive


Parent or guardian is entitled to the benefits if the age of the insured is between six and eighteen. The insured himself/herself is entitled to the benefit if he/she has already reached eighteen. If the insured died, the compensation will be paid to the beneficiary mentioned in the proposal


- Delivery, abortion and hospitalization owning to pregnancy related problems

- Persons undergoing medical treatment and are recommended by a physician for hospitalization, and persons already showing symptoms of illness

- Undergoing medical treatment for insanity or for mental disorders

- Undergoing diagnosis

- Undergoing fertility treatment

- Dental treatments except from accidental injuries

- Eye test involving spectacles and other eyesight disorders (eye surgical operation) except from accidental injuries

- Undergoing plastic surgery by the own volition of the insured

- Wearing hearing aids

- Undergoing surgical operation for inherited metabolic disease or disfigurement

- Undergoing medical treatment or death due to drug abuse injuries

- Undergoing medical treatment for injuries or death due to crime committed by the insured himself/herself

- Undergoing medical treatment or death due to AIDS/HIV

- Undergoing medical treatment or death in foreign countries

- Undergoing medical treatment or injuries or death due to riot, strike, war or war-like operations

- Any medical treatment that lasts only three days of hospitalization

- False claims

How to insure

- Please contact Grand Guardian Insurance Public Co., Ltd head office or branches or the agents of the company to buy health insurance cover.

- GGI staff or the agent will provide optimum services in filling and forwarding the proposal, assuring easy and simple procedures for premium payments and issuing insurance policy.


Claim procedure

- The insured shall inform GGI with a preliminary notice as soon as he/she is hospitalized

- He/she shall make a claim together with relevant forms after been discharged from hospital.

- GGI staff will provide the most excellent quality services as soon as the claim request is accepted.

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