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Provision of financial support to a certain extent for the farmers life assurance policyholders for any unexpected loss he/she faces.

Insurable persons

- Farmers and their families and relatives, co-farm workers and others


Aged limit for the insured

- From a 16-year old to a 60-year old
- Persons whose age is between 16 and 18 years can insure only through their parents or guardians.

Insurance period

- One year beginning from the date of premium payment, and the policy is renewable annually



- Premium rate is one percent of the sum insured. Premium payment shall be in lump sum
- Minimum K 100,000 and maximum K five million


(a) In case the policyholder dies the beneficiary shall receive the whole insurance amount in lump sum
(b) In case the policyholder becomes permanently disabled he/she shall receive the whole insurance amount in lump sum
(c) As for the accidental injury the amount of compensation shall depend on the physician‘s recommendation.
(d) If the policyholder is admitted to a government recognized hospital or clinic for any accidental injury he/she shall enjoy two percent of the insured value per dayfor a maximum of five days for one time up to three times during the insurance period as the medical treatment cost.


No claim payment shall be made for any injury, hospitalization, permanent disability or death directly or indirectly caused by anyone of the following cases:
(i) Suicide
(ii) Injury, hospitalization or death due to the criminal act committed by the policyholder
(iii) Injury, hospitalization or death due to the abuse of alcohol/drugs by the policyholder
(iv) Cost for wearing the hearing aid
(v) False claims
(vi) Cost for diagnosis
(vii) Cost for fertility treatment
(viii) Cost for any dental treatment except from accidently injury
(ix) Cost for eye treatment including eyeglasses or contact lenses, eye test, treatment for visual disorders, or eye surgery except from accidently injury
(x) Undergoing plastic surgery or treatment for beautification
(xi) Surgical operation in connection with abnormal inherited illness or inherited disfigurement
(xii) Any claim that made only after the date of the cause of death, permanent disability, injury or hospitalization has passed a year.

How to insure

- Please contact Grand Guardian Insurance Public Co., Ltd head office or branches or the agents of the company to buy health insurance cover.

- GGI staff or the agent will provide optimum services in filling and forwarding the proposal, assuring easy and simple procedures for premium payments and issuing insurance policy.

Claim procedure

- The insured shall inform GGI with a preliminary notice as soon as he/she is hospitalized

- He/she shall make a claim together with relevant forms after been discharged from hospital.

- GGI staff will provide the most excellent quality services as soon as the claim request is accepted.

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